Alby Ojeda cross

Alby Ojeda cross. (Las Palmas de Gran Canaria 1979.) Director, screenwriter and photographer. After serving various roles at various advertising and production enterprises from 1998, the year 2003 starts project animated film “Cries in the corridor” as Associate producer and Cinematographer. In that same year coguioniza to Juan José Ramírez Mascaró short film “Minority absolute” and “Erase partridges”, animated series both for Crete productions.

In the 2006 coguioniza together with Juan José Ramírez Mascaró hispanodanesa coproduction dash “Zombie Western: The Legend of the Dark Butcher” for Dog green Films.

In 2008 his film of terror “seirên” project is accepted and supervised writing Canary Audiovisual laboratory professionals Andres Koppel, screenwriter of “Intact”, Enrique López-lavigne, producer of “28 weeks later”, and Manolo matji, writer of “the innocents”.

Is in the year 2009 where he coordinates a group of multidisciplinary artists for the creation of the independent “Final Boss Studio” Studio in order to create the video game based on adaptation to graphic adventure of grimoires “The colour out of the sky”

Short films

* 2010 – Zenith

* 2008 – Confession

* 2008 – Encouraging Ex Machina

* 2008 – The creation of the world Guanche (animation)

* 2007 – Gavia Vinieron

* 2006 – To the attention of the jury

* 2006 – The poet

* 2004 – Life and death of a Bardino (animation)

* 2004 – 30-A case

* 2003 – Fuerteventura Island coast

* 2003 – Clipman

* 2001 – Odysea

* 2001 – The great fall (animation)

* 1999 – The intruder

* 1998 – His name was Lulu

List of winners

* 2008 Prize Ateneo 2008 Best Director of photography by shouting in the corridor

* 2006 2Nd Maxoarte 2006 Award for “The creation of the world” (2D animation)

* 2006 4Th Canary wheel 2006 Award for “To the attention of the jury” (actual image)

* 2004 3Rd Canary wheel 2004 Award by “Fuerteventura, coastal island” (actual image) along with David Sánchez

* 2002 1St prize Maxoarte, 2002, “A Machango story” (2D, 3D animation and real image) along with Lehior Ojeda

* 2001 1St Award 2001 Maxoarte by “The great collapse” (3D animation) next to Lehior Ojeda

* 1998 1St Maxoarte 1998 short film Prize for his name was”Lulu” together with Juan José Ramírez Mascaró

* 1998 2Nd Prize poetry Maxoarte 1998 by “sonetto máh trihte pa dal´lao vesin”


* 2009 I Certamen Sexpresan shorts

* 2009 Short Festival dunes 2009

* 2008 2Nd contest of scripts for theme gay shorts

* 2007 2008 Wheel Canary Island of La Palm

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