Carlos Iglesias

Carlos Iglesias (Madrid, 15 July 1955) is an actor, film director and screenwriter Spanish.


Son of immigrants lived in Switzerland until the age of 13 and subsequently in Madrid and Alicante. He became actor accidentally replacing an actor ill in an independent theater group. He studied at the Royal Academy of dramatic art (RESAD). It was in the role of Pepelu Pepe Navarro (tonight cross the Mississippi) program. Later he was one of the protagonists of the series popular and successful at work, Benito, better known as the introducer of the gotelé in this country. This series reported much fame to their audiences that sometimes exceeded 6 million viewers. It has become the Un Franco, 14 pesetas film writer and director [ 1 ] which tells the life of an emigrant Spanish in Switzerland on the basis of his own personal experience of his childhood.


* Ispansi! (2010). (Pre-production)

* Franco, 14 pesetas (2006).

* Endless (2005).

* 3 Torrent (2005).

* Ninette (2005).

* Knight Don Quixote (2002).

* Always happy[ 2 ] (1991)

* Dragon Rapide (1986).

* The Almeria case (1984).

* heart-attack.

* Bag.

* Malasaña.


* Manolo and Benito Corporeision (adaptation to work). (2006/07)

* Comedy club, various interests. (2004)

* Los 80, so we were, Chapter House character. (2004)

* Cuéntame cómo pasó, dir. Sergio Cabrera. (2004)

* Make humor and not war, dedicated to Miguel gila. (2003)

* Pairs, Nines, the work of study group 1. TVE. (2003)

* Paradise, dir. Jesus Rodriguez (Cap). (2003)

* 7 vidas drop cap character. (2002)

* To work (Benito). (1997 / 2001)

* blasco ibáñez, of Luis García Berlanga. (1996)

* This is my neighborhood, by Vicente escrivá. Antena 3. (1996)

* Tonight we cross the Mississippi (Pepelu). Tele 5. (1995)

* We are all mad, Pepe Navarro. Antena 3. (1994)

* Sexologist, of Mariano Ozores. TVE. (1994)

* All goes well, Pepe Navarro. Antena 3. (1993/94)

* Live live, what Nice!, Pepe Navarro. Antena 3. (1992/93)

* The forging of a rebel, Mario camus. (1990)

* The worlds Yupi. (1987)

* Goya, José Ramón Larraz. (1985)

* Interior fragments, Francis Abbot.


* Art (1998)

* The late galas, Valle inclán. Dir. Francisco Muñoz. (1992)

* She, of Jean genet. Dir. Angel Facio. (1990/91)

* The castle of Lindabrindis. Dir. Juan Pastor. (1989)

* The public, by Federico García Lorca. Dir. Lluís Pascual. (1987)

* Happy death of Nicolás Evreinov. Dir. Heine Mix Bull. (1986)

* Kaleidoscope and lighthouses today, S. Belbel. Dir. J. j. Granda. (1986)

* Pablo Iglesias, Olmo Lauro. Dir. Luis Balaguer. (1983)

* D. whopping horns, Valle-Inclán. Dir. J. j. Granda. (1983)

* Freedom dream company Le Miroir Magic in Brussels. (1983)

* The altarpiece of Maese Pedro, by Manuel de Falla. Dir. Rafael p. Sierra. (1982)

* Harlequin, two masters Server, of Goldoni. Dir. Angel Gutiérrez. (1982)

* Polinka, of Chekhov. Dir. Angel Gutierrez. (1982)

* Just before the war with the Eskimos, by J. D. Salinger. (1982)

* Prometheus (far-sighted) evil you feel that name. (1979)

* Tirant the Blanc, Companyia Teatre d’Alacant.


* Award for the best supporting actor in ADIRCE (Assembly of Spanish film directors).

* Nominated for best actor revelation in the XVIII Edition of the Goya Awards (2003).

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