David Serrano de la Peña

David Serrano de la Peña, screenwriter and Spanish film director.


Works with Telecinco for the realization of films and series of Studies Picasso producer.

His first short led it in 1993 entitled the maiden to Francisco Lucas.

In 1995 wheel skin cinnamon, a short film starring Coté Soler to win numerous awards.

He has been writer of two musical films of success of Emilio Martínez Lázaro entitled the other side of the bed and the 2 sides of the bed.


* An hour in the Canary Islands (2009)

* With love or without love (2009)

* Cinema days (2007)

* Football days (2003)

* Mix is very bad – short (2001)

* Cinnamon – short (1995) skin

* The first-time – short (1993)

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