Dino Minitti

Dino Minitti was the film cameraman 1953 the three keys, Director of photography in the Gallery to a corpse of 1955 film and co-screenwriter Bewitched Island or Bewitched River a film directed by adalberto Páez Arenas which shooting should suspend that year as a result of a flood and was never completed. In 1955 he conducted when Buenos Aires numbs, with Diana ingro and Francisco de Paula, in June of that year was in laboratories but never released.

According to the description of Alfredo Grassi July Minitti was “of short stature, thin, short black hair, intense dark eyes of southern and had a large scar on the forehead, his producer attached to his experience during World War II, during which, despite being anti-fascist, he had been forced to fight in the Italian army.”

In 1965 directed on his own script written in collaboration with the well-known film critic Agustín mahieu A place in the Sun, shot in natural settings outdoors in the city of Buenos Aires in an emergency with inhabitants village playing themselves, “in the style of Rossellini, Fellini and music.”[ 1 ] The only professional artists were still very young Maria Cristina Laurenz and Héctor pellegrini in the roles of the couple in love. It was “a love story, emotional, and simple with simple and short dialogues, expressive photography and light used with profound artistic sensibility that would have certainly deserved better luck on the commercial side.” “Possibly the lack of appropriate publicity helped the financial failure of production.”

He later made two films were maimed by censorship, the encounter (1966), again addressed to Maria Cristina Laurenz and Héctor Pellegrini and the girl of the golden body (1967), a failed attempt to impose on thelma tixou as a new star.



* The golden body girl (1967)

* The meeting (not commercially released) (1966)

* Masks in autumn (not commercially released) (1966)

* Psyche and sex (1965) (the buscona segment)

* A place in the Sun (1965)

* Tender illusions (1961)

* The last cry (1960)

* The work (1960)

* The binder (1959)

* The kite (short) (1958)

* The last cry (short) (1960)

* When Buenos Aires numbs (unfinished) (1955)


* The golden body girl (1967)

* The meeting (not commercially released) (1966)

* Masks in autumn (not commercially released) (1966)

* A place in the Sun (1965)

* Tender illusions (1961)

* Bewitched Island or Bewitched River (1955) dir. Adalberto Páez Arenas.

Director of photography

* Report to a corpse (not commercially released) (1955)

Camera operator

* The three keys (1953)


* July Alfredo Grassi. History and legends of the Argentine cinema. Retrieved 9-1-2010.

* Manrupe, Raul; Portela, Maria Alexandra (2001). A dictionary of Argentine films (1930-1995). Buenos Aires, Editorial Corregidor. ISBN 950-05-0896-6.

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