Ernesto Mallo

Ernesto Mallo (* La Plata, Buenos Aires province, Argentina, 1948) is a writer, playwright and journalist Argentine. It began in the literature as a playwright and screenwriter, and since 2004 is dedicated to writing novels.


* The vaccine (1973)

* Seven boxes (1977)

* What mambo of Columbus (1982)


* The needle in the haystack (2003)

* Maidana yet (2007) (in collaboration with Juan Desanzo)

* Argentine offenders (2007)


* Christening and other stories (Eudeba, 1974)


* The needle in the haystack, Editorial planet, Buenos Aires 2006.

* Argentine offender, Editorial planet, Buenos Aires, 2007.

* L’aiguille foin botte dans, Payot & Rivages, Paris, 2009.

* The shrine, Editorial planet, Buenos Aires, 2010.

* Der von der eleven Plaza tote, Aufbau-Verlag, Berlin, 2010.

* Needle in a haystack, Bitter Lemon Press, London, 2010.

* Der barfüBige von der Street San Martín polizist, Aufbau-Verlag, Berlin, 2010.


* Collection of culture for the release, University of Buenos Aires – Eudeba, 1974

* First runner-up prize novel, Clarín-Alfaguara 2006.

* Memorial Silverio Cañada, Gijón, Spain, 2007.

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