Gustavo Bolívar Moreno

Gustavo Bolívar Moreno (Girardot, 22 July 1966) is a writer and screenwriter and known for his novel Sin tetas no hay paraíso.



* The Capo (novel) (2009)

* Sin tetas no hay paraíso (2005)

* The coming Monte Suicidiario (2007)

* “The bridge of sighs” (2010)


* So steal the election in Colombia

* The Queen and chieftain: the truth about the death of Doris Adriana child (1998)

* Infidels, code of ethics (Trial) 2008

Television scripts

* (Eye for an eye) for Telemundo USA 130 chapters in one hour

* The Capo FoxTelecolombia (rcn TV). (2009) 90 chapters

* “victorinos” (Telemundo USA) (2009) 160 chapters

* gang war and peace II FoxTelecolombia (rcn TV). 120 chapters

* Sin senos no hay paraíso Telemundo, USA. (2008) 180 chapters

* Anonymous infidels Fox telecolombia. (2008) 120 chapters

* Sin tetas no hay paraíso Caracol TV, Colombia. (2006) 26 chapters

* Fair play (2005) RCN, Colombia. 180 chapters

* I love the rain RCN, Colombia. (2004) 245 chapters

* The price of silence (2002) 280 chapters

* Gang war and peace telecolombia, (1999-2005) 310 chapters

* Unit Investigativa telecolombia, (2000-2002) 250 chapters


* Sin tetas no hay paraíso (film) (2010) Director and screenwriter

See also

* Sin tetas no hay paraíso

* The Capo

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