Jesús Díaz

Jesús Díaz (Havana, October 14, 1941 – Madrid, may 2, 2002) was a novelist, essayist, screenwriter and film director Cuban.[ 1 ] He studied at the school of philosophy and letters University of Havana.[ 2 ] Became known to the be awarded in the year 1966 book hard years with Casa de las Américas award.[ 3 ] He was director of the Partnership meeting of the Cuban culture and Professor at the Berlin Film Academy and the Madrid School of letters.[ 4 ] His novel the lost words was a finalist in premio Nadal in the year 1992, [ 5 ] and tell me something about Cuba was a finalist for Rómulo Gallegos Prize in the year 1999.



* Four Manuel leaks (2001)

* Siberian (2000)

* Tell me something about Cuba (1998)

* The skin and the mask (1996)

* Lost words (1992)

* The initials of the Earth (1987)

* The hard years (1966)


* Baroque (1989). Co-writer

* Clandestine (1987). Writer.

* Another woman (1986). Writer.

* Remoteness (1985). Script and direction.

* Red Dust (1981). Script and direction.

* In land of Sandino (1978, documentary).

* Fifty-five brothers (1978, documentary).

* The sixth part of the world (1977, documentary). Co-Director.

* Gallery in Lagos (1977 film).

* Benin: one African nation (1977 film).

* On the banks of the Angara River (1977 film).

* The land of many waters (1976, short).

* Song of Puerto Rico (1976, short).

* Mina, freedom wind (1976). Script.

* A day in the Park (1976, short).

* Change lives 1975 (short film).

* Chronicle of victory (1975, short film made in collaboration with Fernando Pérez Valdés).

* Puerto Rico (1975). In collaboration with Fernando Pérez.

* You have the floor (1973). Co-screenwriter.

* The strange case of Rachel K (1973). Co-screenwriter.

* Long live the Republic! (1972). Co-screenwriter.

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