Jorge Guerricaechevarría

Jorge Guerricaechevarría (Avilés, Asturias, 30 November 1964), also known as Guerrica, [ 1 ] Spanish is a writer.


It’s one of the most prolific and important Spanish film writers. Screenwriter and co-writer of many of the films of Alex Church was [ 2 ] and Daniel Monzón. He has also written for Pedro Almodóvar in flesh.

It is Victorian of adoption.


He has won a Goya Award for the screenplay of cell 211, based on the novel of the same name by Francisco Pérez Slacker. It was also finalist in the Goya for the screenplays for the day of the beast and the community in the category of original screenplay, and he received a nomination for best adapted screenplay for the Oxford murders. In 2008, Zinemastea awarded his career as a screenwriter.

Goya Awards

Year       Category              Movie   Result

2009       Best adapted screenplay              Cell 211                 Winner

2007       Best adapted screenplay              The Oxford murders       Nominated

2000       Best original screenplay                The community                Nominated

1995       Best original screenplay                The day of the beast      Nominated


* Killer Mirindas (c), 1991

* Acción mutante, 1993

* Kangaroos (TV). Episode: Search for life, 1994

* The day of the beast, 1995

* Live flesh, 1997

* perdita Durango, 1997

* Laughing dead, 1999

* Community, 2000

* Play Moon, 2001

* We watch, 2002

* Largest ever cash robbery, 2002

* 800 bullets, 2002

* Flying saucers, 2003

* Crime ferpecto, 2004

* The Kovak box, 2006

* The children’s room, 2006

* The Oxford murders, 2008

* Pluto BRB Nero, (TV), 2008

* Psychiatrists, psychologists and other sufferers (TV), 2009

* Cell 211, 2009

* Alakrana (during filming), 2011 [ 6 ]

* The yellow mark (in development), 2009

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