Juan Carlos Desanzo

Juan Carlos Desanzo (born 19 January 1939 in Buenos Aires, Argentina) is a film director, screenwriter and cinematographer argentino. The films he has directed include Eva Perón (1996), love and the horror (2002) and the polaquito (2003). La Habana Festival Vigía award won by love and the horror (2002).


As director

1. Bitter summer (2009)

2. The polaquito (2003)

3. Love and the horror (2000)

4. Revenge (1999)

5. Until victory always (1997)

6. Eva Perón (1996)

7. At the edge of the law (1992)

8. Search (1985)

9. Retreat (1984)

10. Retribution (1983)

As a writer

1. Revenge (1999)

2. At the edge of the law (1992)

3. Retreat (1984)

4. Retribution (1983)


* 2001 Award Vigía, Festival of the new Latin American cinema, love and the horror (2001)

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