Julián Quintanilla

Julián Quintanilla (b. Badajoz;) (1975), theatrical, film director, photographer and writer Spanish.


It forms as a stage director at the Royal School of dramatic art in Madrid (RESAD).

It forms as a screenwriter in Audiovisual writing European Conservatory in Paris (EAEC).

He holds a degree in cinema by the University of Paris 8.

He has worked in theatre, where he was Assistant Director of José María flotats, Gerardo Vera, Jaime chávarri, Luis Olmos, Antonio Simón and Tomaz Pandur. It was also the National dramatic Centre casting director and Assistant Director.

He has directed, in theatre, various shows, as Tálem of sergi belbel.

As a photographer, it is the line of photographic realism and he has received several awards.

Film has already released two short films.


* In 2004 he directs short involvement, loles León and Antonio valero.

* In 2006 directed the short film nothing happens, starring Maria Isasi and Amparo Valley.

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