July Salvador

July Salvador (Barcelona, Spain, 1906) was a Catalan film director. PO box 1001, a film thriller that was met with success, scripted by Antonio isasi isasmendi and Julio coll he filmed in 1950. Initiator of Noir “” Barcelona is today an almost cult movie, with solid plot development, numerous images of the city and an anthological final sequence Apollo attractions. Conrad San Martín is the protagonist, actor while Director of photography was the responsibility of of Federico G.Larraya.


* Thomas White,

* Modesto Cid

* Juan Manuel,

* Elena mirror,

* Emilio Fábregas

* Ricardo Fuentes

* José Goula

* Marta Grau

* Hurtado Casimiro

* Guillermo Marín,

* Carlos Muñoz,

* Luis Pérez de León

* Conrad San Martín

* Eugenio Testa

July Salvador filmography

* It was the boyfriend. (1945)

* P.o. box 1001 (1950)

* What never dies. (1955)

* Without the smile of God. (1955)

* Juanillo, MOM and dad. (1957)

* We have car. (1958)

* Wedding was at twelve, the. (1962)

* Top women. (1965)

* Tomb of the cursed Island, the. (1973)

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