Lita stantic is Elida Stantic

Lita stantic is Elida Stantic is a Director, producer and Argentine writer born in 1942. It is one of the producers of the “new Argentine cinema”, responsible for the debut of some of the most outstanding new directors, such as Lucretia Martel, Pablo Trapero and Israel Adrián caetano.

Activity in the cinema

Started its activity in film in 1965 directing short films the fireman is sad and cries and one day… and working as assistant director on the film camp journal ‘. Between 1968 and 1977, he served as head of feature film production and since 1978 was devoted to the production. In the 1980s he founded a film production company that is currently called Lita Stantic productions together with María Luisa bemberg.

In 1993 he directed A wall of silence, his first feature film and in 2008 the film Lamb of God. LITA Stantic also made trade union activity and from 1986 to 2001 chaired the Argentina House of the film industry.

Film production company

* Dir. coffee masters Miguel Kohan (2008)

* Lamb of God (2008)

* Paraguayan hammock (2006) dir. Peace oak

* The Holy girl dir. Lucrecia Martel (2004)

* Dir. Red bear Israel Adrián Caetano Israel (2002)

* Suddenly or proof dir. Diego Lerman (2002)

* Bolivia (2001)

* Dir. la Cienaga Lucrecia Martel (2001)

* Dir. World crane Pablo Trapero (1999) ‘

* Dir. South Dock Pablo Reyero (1998)

* A wall of silence dir. LITA Stantic (1993)

* Del potro summer (1991)

* I, the worst of all dir María Luisa bemberg (1990)

* Argentine football (1990)

* Miss mary dir María Luisa bemberg (1986)

* Camila dir María Luisa bemberg (1984)

* Madam no dir María Luisa bemberg (1982)

* Now dir María Luisa bemberg (1981)

* Dir. fears Alejandro Doria (1980)

* The island (1979) dir. Alejandro Doria (1979)

* Backlash (1979)

* The lion’s share of the (1978)

* The Velázquez (1972)

Television production company

* Dependencies (1999)

* Stories of lives, Encarnación Ezcurra (1998)

* Stories of lives, Silvina Ocampo (1998)

* Autumn sun (1996)


* A wall of silence (1993)

* The Velázquez (1972)

* The fireman is sad and crying (1965)

* One day… (1965)


* A wall of silence (1993)

* The fireman is sad and crying (1965)

* One day… (1965)

Assistant Director

* Camp journal (1965)


* Festival International of the new film Havana: special mention for suddenly (2002) and A red bear (2002).

* Locarno International Film Festival: Silver Leopard for suddenly (2002).

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