Mario Segade

Mario Segade (born February 24, 1966;) (Parque Chas, Buenos Aires) is a screenwriter and Argentine theater director.


Mario Segade was born in Parque Chas. His early work began making music videos, with Gustavo bellati formed a talented Duo on TV as authors of fiction. By “truth consequence,” Vulnerable “and” Resistiré “received numerous awards”.



* Wildcards (1997)

* Appearances (2000)



* True result (1996)

* Vulnerable (1999)

* Four friends (2001)

* Resistiré (2003)

* Three single parents (2003)

* The desire to (2004)

* Love without limits (2006)

* Attraction x 4 (2008)

* The time we left (2010)


* Martín Fierro 1999: best author and/or librettist (vulnerable)

* Martín Fierro 2000: best author and/or librettist (vulnerable)

* Martín Fierro 2003: best-selling author and/or librettist (Resistiré and three single parents)

* Prize Konex (2001): Platinum Konex – film and television script

* Prize Konex (2001): Diploma of merit – film and television script

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