Monique Lange

Monique Lange was a writer, French actress and screenwriter, born in Paris (11 September 1926) and died in the same city (7 October 1996); active in the Middle from the 1960s until his death. Lived from 1956 with the Spanish writer Juan goytisolo, were married in 1978. He had a daughter, Carole, from a previous marriage.

In 1980 he published histoire piaf, a bibliography, illustrated with numerous photographs of singer édith piaf. This will be reprinted by arcade publishing in 2008; also published in 1989 Cocteau Prince sans royaume (Cocteau, Prince without Kingdom), a biography of the writer Jean cocteau.

Film major contributions were as a writer and adaptation of novels and plays for the film, although he also appeared.

Work as an actress

1. From, tempering (1985) (From, return)

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