Paco Cabezas Morillo

Paco Cabezas Morillo (Seville, 1976) is a screenwriter and film director Spanish. After some underground projects, his directing career starts at 24 with the neon (short film) beef cartoon. Although it takes years to develop their creative work as a screenwriter, his directorial debut, which have appeared, a thriller that blends horror and social drama does not see light until 2007. At present he lives and works in Madrid. His second feature, neon meat, Spain premieres January 21, 2011.


As director

* 2000 Invasion shemale

* 2005 – Meat neon (short film)

* 2007 – Which have appeared

* 2010 – Neon meat

As a writer

* 2000 Invasion transvestite

* 2005 Neon (short film) meat

* 2007 Which have appeared

* 2008 – Sexykiller, die by it

* 2009 – spanish movie

* 2010 Bon appétit

* 2010 Neon beef

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