Sergio Renan

Sergio Renan (Buenos Aires, Argentina, 30 January 1939) actor, film director and Theatre and Opera (“silent”) Argentine.


As a film director he has made nine films, notably the truce (1974), the first Argentine film nominated for Oscar. In 1981 he received the Konex award, as a film director Honor Diploma.

As a theatre director highlights its sunsets at scene of “The maids” of Jean genet in 1970, “Dracula” by bram stoker in 1980, “Mme” “butterfly” and “An enemy of the people” of henrik ibsen (2007), among others.

As actor made memorable works, as in the film the power of darkness (1979) to Mario Sábato, or seven Follies (1973), interpreting the remarkable character of Roberto arlt, Whoremonger Melancólico.

As regiseur Opera presented among others, at the Teatro Colón in Buenos Aires, “Manon”, “Rigoletto” (1985), “Otello” (1987) and “Così fan tutte” (1990).

On television he directed “The great novels” channel 7, teatralizando great novelists of world literature (Chejov, Balzac, Dostoevsky, Dickens, Flaubert, wilkie collins, guy de maupassant, Tolstoi, Zola, Stendhal, Henry James, Oscar wilde).

Served as director of the Teatro Colón (1989-1996 and briefly in 2000), and as Director of National Arts Fund of Republic Argentina.

In 2000 Teatro Real in Madrid an innovative implementation of Shostakovich, “Lady Macbeth of Mtsensk” Opera with the conducting of Mstislav Rostropovich.


* Sergio Renan is passionate follower of the football racing Club team.



1. Three of hearts (2007), on a short story by Juan José saer

2. Solitude was this (2001), a novel of Juan José miles

3. The dream of the heroes (1997), a novel by Adolfo bioy Casares

4. High heels (1985), about two stories of Bernardo kordon

5. Thank you for the fire (1983), on a novel by Mario benedetti

6. Sentimental (1980), on a novel by geno Díaz

7. The feast of all (1978)

8. Grow coup (1976), on a novel by Haroldo conti

9. The truce (1974), on a novel by Mario Benedetii


1. Solitude was this (2001)

2. The dream of the heroes (1997)

3. High heels (1985)

4. Thank you for the fire (1983)

5. Sentimental (1980)

6. The feast of all (1978)

7. Grow coup (1976)

8. The Truce (1974)


1. Heart (1995)

2. Censor (1995)

3. Below in the world (1987)

4. Thank you for the fire (1983)

5. Enemies (1983)

6. Sentimental (1980)

7. The power of darkness (1979)

8. Grow coup (1976)

9. The Jewish gauchos (1974)

10. The Truce (1974)

11. Seven Follies (1973)

12. Heroin (1972)

13. Juan Manuel de Rosas (1972)

14. And patatín… and patatán (1971)

15. We are the best (1968)

16. Martín Fierro (1968)

17. Smoke marijuana (1968)

18. The traitors of St. Angelo (1967)

19. Punishing the traitor (1966)

20. Order to kill (1965)

21. The hypocrites (1965)

22. Escapees (1964)

23. Circe (1964)

24. The Tracker (1962)

25. The odd figure (1962)

26. Assault on the city (1961)

27. Violence in the city (unpublished – 1957)

28. He spent in my neighborhood (1951)


* Oscar: first nomination of an Argentine film Academy with the Truce (1974)

* Order of Rio Branco in the Government of the FRY of Brazil

* Benemérito art and culture title conferred by the Government of the Republic of Italy.

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