Sigfrid Monleón Valencia

Sigfrid Monleón Valencia (1964) Spanish film director and screenwriter. It has been nominated for the Goya Award three times, in 2002 for isla del holandés, writing in 2005 by several authors documentary there is reason, and in 2008 for the documentary the last trick, that was about the life and work of Emilio Ruiz del Rio special effects genius.


* The Consul of Sodom (2009): Director. It’s an adaptation of the biography of the poet Jaime Gil de biedma Miguel dalmau. The film caused great controversy.

* The last trick (2008) – Director and screenwriter. (Documentary about the genius of the special effects Emilio Ruiz del Río).

* It ja tenim prou (2007): Co-director and co-writer

* The bicycle (2006) – Director and screenwriter

* Labour syndrome (2005) – Director and screenwriter

* There are reason! (2004): (Various Directors) Director of the “Adoption” segment.

* Karlitos (2004): Screenwriter

* Isla del holandés (2001) – Director and screenwriter

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