Vittorio Farfan

Vittorio Farfan (* Santiago Chile, Chile) Film director, columnist and host Talquino. creator of the “Invasion of the complete without Viennese” medium (2000) and the video game “Pinochestein 3d” (2003).


* “Project whereabouts Chapter 8 – the revenge of the poet”, short film 2010. Director, screenplay, and Actor.

* “Suicide nation – day of destruction”, Video Clip, Minidv, 2010. Director.

* “One Man’s Hell – Souls Sucker”, Video Clip, 2009. Director, screenwriter, animator

* “1-2-3 ESCAPE!”, short film, 2006. Director, screenwriter, animator

* “Fiesta blood”, short film, Digital-8, 2004. Director, screenwriter, actor.

* “Pinochestein 3D”, Video game, 2003, Director, screenwriter, overall design.

* “The invasion of the complete without Viennese”, medium, VHS, 2000. Director, screenwriter, actor.

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