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Writing a Screenplay

Writing a Screenplay Feeling creative? Hopefully, after reading this tutorial, you are. What is in your mind? What story needs to escape? You now know how to release it, but will you? If you have followed the steps above, you or any good screenwriter will be able to take your material and compose a script for it. Yes, screenwriting is difficult, even with a well-composed treatment/outline, but the process is easier when the story is known from start to finish before even typing FADE IN. Read More +

Act 3 Sequence 8: Jaws

Act 3, Sequence 8: Jaws While Hooper is in the cage, the shark surprises him and he drops the stick with the poison needle on it, then gets into a fight with the shark. Meanwhile, in the boat, Quint and Brody try to bring the cage to the surface, but by the time they do, it is empty. They do not know that Hooper has escaped and swam to the bottom, away from danger. Nevertheless, they have no time to think about him as the Read More +

Act 3 Sequence 7: Jaws

Act 3, Sequence 7: Jaws Brody is upset that Quint has isolated them, but the old fisherman is now like Captain Ahab in Moby Dick seeking the White Whale, obsessed to the point of insanity. Then Hooper points out that the shark is coming back after them and Brody has no choice but to fight it with the other two men. Quint harpoons the creature with another barrel attached and they chase after it. But there is a shift in the plot. The shark is Read More +

Act 2 Sequence 6: Jaws

Act 2, Sequence 6: Jaws As the shark circles, Brody’s wife calls the boat, but Quint intercepts the radio call and blows her off by telling her that everything is fine, and they will be home by dark. Then Quint harpoons the shark with a barrel at the end of the rope to force the shark to the surface. But the shark has disappeared, and the sun is setting. Brody still wants a bigger boat, but Quint’s decision is to wait for the barrel to Read More +

Act 2 Sequence 5: Jaws

Act 2, Sequence 5: Jaws Quint’s home displays his obsession with killing sharks and should be a warning to Brody. Hooper wants to go with Quint, but the fisherman resists. Quint even suggests that he will go alone. It is a challenge to Brody’s fear of the water. The chief thinks about it, but decides that all three of them have to go out, and Quint finally relents. Brody says goodbye to his wife, who is afraid of him. She asks what she should tell Read More +