Movie / Feature Film Examples

Our movie and feature film script examples are organized by treatment writing, screenwriting, and coverage services. Treatment writing is the planning phase of writing a screenplay. It includes the logline, description of characters, and summary. The screenplay is the actual script, based on the treatment planning. Coverage is professional feedback about the movie treatment or screenplay.

Movie & Feature Film Treatment Writing Examples

Click above for our movie and feature film script treatment writing samples. Reading examples of movie treatments will improve your screenwriting skills. We also offer these screenwriting services. We work as ghostwriters, which means we are uncredited and your name will appear on the title.

Movie Script Examples

Here are some of the many movie scripts we have written for our clients. We write a wide-range of movie screenplays and have a diverse team of screenwriters who can turn your feature film script idea into a professionally-written movie script. Contact us today and check out our movie script writing samples. Just click the link above to read our movie script samples.

Movie Script Coverage / Feedback Examples — Portfolio

Click the image above to read our movie and feature film script coverage examples. Our coverage services provide detailed feedback and suggestions for improving your movie treatment or screenplay. We can use our best professional judgement or follow your instructions to provide detailed suggestions about how you can potentially improve your movie script. Be it character development, movie structure, inconsistencies, pacing, conflict, or a range of additional screenwriting elements, you will surely read many new things to consider which you had overlooked.

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