TV Show – Script Coverage Examples

Script coverage is a great way to receive professional feedback about your script. Below are some script coverage examples. Whether you want to adapt your book or novel into a script or have already written a draft screenplay, script coverage will provide you with things to consider — what you may have overlooked, ways to improve your script, tighten the plot, strengthen the characters, and more. In addition, it may include the marketability of your script, demographics,  and more.

Book to Screenplay Adaptation – Script Coverage Example


Book to TV Show Script Coverage Example


Book to TV Show Script Coverage Example 2

Some of our clients understand the importance of receiving multiple script coverage so they can have the opinion of two different professional script coverage. As such, this client ordered two coverage services. As you can see, we provided very different feedback. At the same time, there is certainly some overlap. If different screenwriters who did not confer with one another have similar comments, it’s a sure sign to take notice of that feedback.