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Screenwriters for Hire will work with you as a ghostwriter or credited screenwriter. Our services help story idea makers, screenwriters, authors, and publishing companies develop, write, rewrite, and market their screenplays. Based in Tampa, Florida, our Hollywood, California screenwriters and those based elsewhere work as a team through the leadership of the owner, John Halas, your project manager/lead writer.

We offer milestone installments and services for all stages of the writing process:

  1. Coverage – feedback, suggestions, logline, follow-up
  2. Planning your screenplay – film treatment writing
  3. Writing & revising your screenplay – screenwriting services
  4. Rewriting – script doctor services
  5. Marketing/Selling your script – sell a screenplay

Confidential: We are happy to sign a non-disclosure agreement (NDA).

Idea to Screen Services

Idea to screenplay. Turn your idea into a movie or TV treatment and screenplay.

For those early in the writing process, we can help. From developing your idea, logline, and summary to writing a professional treatment and screenplay, we will be there at each step.


Draft Improvement

Screenwriting Help: Improve your draft screenplay

We can help finalize your draft treatment and/or screenplay: feedback and suggestions, rewriting and editing your script, adding new scenes, formatting, and more.



Adapt book into a screenplay

Have you written a book?

We can adapt your book into a movie/feature-film or TV screenplay!

  • Affordable milestone installment payments
  • Free revisions at each step
  • Affordable prices and professional screenplays


Vendor Screenwriters - Book to Screen Services for Publishing Companies

Publishing company or book marketing service provider?

We can adapt your authors’ book into movie or TV screenplays!

  • One-person management; multiple screenwriters
  • White-label, ghostwriting services
  • Discounted vendor writer rates and free revisions



A film treatment is an essential document for planning your movie or TV show. It includes a logline (one to two-sentence attention-getting summary), description of characters, and a summary.


With an approved treatment, we’ll be prepared to write your screenplay.


Ghostwriting is when the writer is uncredited or remains confidential.


Are you confident your script is properly formatted? With our script formatting services, we will format your script to industry standards. We can share it in multiple formats such as PDF, FDX, and more.


Ensure your script is free of any typos, grammatical errors, misspellings, and other issues with our editing and proofreading services.


Can your draft benefit from a rewrite? With our script doctor service, we can improve your script by focusing on specific elements of your story, characters, and structure.


We offer coverage services — professional feedback and suggestions — for your treatments, screenplays, and book to screen adaptations.


Writing a query letter is your first impression to potential film investors.


Screenwriters for Hire was founded over 15 years ago. Today, we follow the same core values that have earned the trust of hundreds of clients.

Our specialized and experienced screenwriters can provide screenwriting services for your movie/feature film, stage play, TV show, short film, web series, or book to screen adaptation — and in many genres such as action, drama, fantasy, sci fi, reality, romance, comedy, drama, suspense, and more.

Since 2006, our client list has grown to literally 1000s of satisfied clients, including A-list screenwriters, studios, directors, and actors as well as authors and publishing company giants. The majority of our business comes from repeat customers and partners, many of whom we’ve worked with for well over a decade.


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