Partnering with Publishing Companies

Are you in the publishing field? Do you work with several published authors? What author doesn’t dream of turning their book into a movie? We’re professional screenwriters who can help make it happen!

Since 2004 we have worked with publishing companies who market Hollywood book to screen services to their author clients. They simply outsource the work to our skilled team of screenwriters for a huge profit. If you have a publishing company, you too can apply.

Most often, the publishing companies work directly with their clients and outsource to us at a substantial profit. Other times, the publishing companies send us business for a paid commission.

Hollywood book to screen service providers such as publishing companies and book marketing and PR businesses can now apply for our publishing partner program. Upon acceptance, you will earn a significant discount on our popular Hollywood book to screenplay services.

Even if you don’t currently offer Hollywood book to screen services, we can help. As part of acceptance, we can even help you effectively market this service. To apply, simply begin by completing the form. Upon approval, we will email you our publishing partner agreement. The agreement will outline how it works — fees, installments, communications, and more. 

With our Hollywood book to screen services, we begin by providing book-to-screenplay coverage services. Next, we provide treatment services. Finally, we provide our book to screenplay writing services

Although we work primarily as screenwriters, once you and your client approve the screenplay, we can even provide a bit of screenplay marketing services. We do, however, strongly recommend our screenplay coverage services prior to script marketing services. This will provide another layer of feedback and, ultimately, rewriting not included in our standard book to screen package.

If you’d like to discuss this opportunity further, please complete the contact form.