Up to 50 page script = $99 and 1000+ words of feedback

51 to 89 pages = $149 and 1250 words of feedback

90 to 120 page screenplay = $195 and 1500 words of feedback

121 to 150 pages = $249 and 1750 words of feedback

* If you need more detailed coverage, just let us know the details and we will provide a price quote.
BOOK COVERAGE  SERVICES – book OR book to screenplay coverage / feedback services:

Here’s the process: First, we’ll of course need a copy of the book. A digital copy is preferred, be that PDF or Amazon Kindle etc. Next, we’ll thoroughly read their book and write 1000+ words about what works well, what could potentially be improved and how and why. We can write more if you prefer. Just let me know the details.

From there, the you can follow up with any questions you might have. If you’re interested, you can hire us to make any or all of the suggested improvements.
As far as prices for coverage / beta reader feedback, prices are based on the length of your manuscript. A longer manuscript will of course take longer to read. You will also receive more feedback:
50,000 words or less = $149 and 1250 words of feedback
50,001 to 75,000 = $199 and 1500 words of feedback
75,001 to 100,000 = $249 and 2000 words of feedback
100,001 words to 125,000 words = $299 and 2500 words of feedback
* If you need more detailed coverage, just let us know the details and we will provide a price quote.
TREATMENT WRITING / Planning Your Script:

* Treatment writing prices assume a screenwriting credit; ghostwriting projects are 50% more than the posted prices.

Movie Screenplay Treatment Writing – A movie treatment is a detailed, three-act summary of the entire screenplay. It outlines and plots the movie in 8 sequences and 3 acts, which is the industry standard. Finally, it has a log line, which is a concise, 1 to 3 sentence description of the movie premise.With a screenplay treatment in hand, you can seek investors to potentially fund the screenplay writing.  It will also make writing the full screenplay far more manageable. Most investors will also want to read the entire screenplay. $895

 TV Show Treatment  – A TV show treatment tends to be 5 to 8 pages long. With the exception of a reality TV show treatment, which contains summaries for the first  3 and final episodes (potential scenarios), a TV sitcom treatment contains a summary of each episode of the season, main character descriptions, and a logline: $895

Book-to-Screenplay Treatment Writing: Same as above but the cost is $995 because it will take a lot of time to thoroughly read the book.

Logline — Although writing a succinct logline that encapsulates your entire screenplay is incredibly important, many screenwriters overlook this part. The logline is the first part of the treatment and it helps the reader to frame everything that comes afterward. Writing a quality logline will require us to first read and understanding the screenplay or treatment.

We will provide at least 4 variations of your logline. You can choose one and if you have any additional input and want it further tweaked, we will revise it at least 2 times for free: $49.95

* A logline is already included in a screenplay treatment so you won’t need this service if you order a treatment.

SCREENWRITING: Original Screenwriting — (2+ rounds of FREE revisions). Whether you have just a concept and premise or a detailed outline and rough character descriptions, we can help. We have screenwriting professionals who specialize in each main genre of screenwriting.

* Screenwriting prices assume a writing credit; ghostwriting projects are 50% more than the posted prices.

Movie Script / Feature Film – $7000 for up to a 100-page / minute script and $80 per page thereafter. Payable in 4 installments.

TV Show Screenplay – $80 per page / minute of screentime. Keep in mind that there are commercials so you may need fewer pages than you thought.

Short Film Script – $80 per page

Adaptation: Novel, Book, or Short Story to Screenplay — We can adapt your novel, book, or story into a movie, TV, or film script. We even have excellent business relationships with several publishing companies who use our services on a regular basis.

Video Game Screenwriting – $80 per page

Sizzle Reel

A sizzle reel for an actor can make or break getting a role. An actor’s sizzle reel includes actual examples of their work (not dramatic readings or acting out scenes).  Find examples of your work that made you look good.  Don’t put just anything/everything you’ve ever done in. Make it interesting and a real reflection of your ability.  If you don’t have anything to show, no clips at all, or you aren’t satisfied with them, we can write an excellent monologue that shows your range.  If you choose to do this, make it a static head shot with no other effects so that you are the focus.  Keep the target audience in mind at all times, and think about how best to show them how good you are.

Screenplay Rewriting/ Script Doctor 

For this service, we will read your entire screenplay closely, improve scenes and characters, and rewrite dialogue as needed. There are many levels of rewriting, so we will need further details to provide an exact price QUOTE.

I try to determine the approximate percentage of the screenplay that is completed to determine a fair price.
Screenplay Formatting — FinalDraft, Celtx, and PDF

It is essential that your screenplay is properly formatted to accepted industry standards. Even if you have a great script, if it is improperly formatted, potential investors such as directors, producers, and financiers will instantly throw it into the garbage and delete your email.

We will format your screenplay in FinalDraft, the industry standard file type, and ensure the font, indents, spacing, headings, and every nuance of screenplay formatting is done precisely to commonly accepted and required industry standards. FinalDraft is a $250 program but you can get a read-only version for free.

We will then email you the complete, formatted screenplay in 3 separate formats — FinalDraft, Celtx, and PDF.

Just $3 per page 

Screenplay Marketing Services
Various marketing services available. Contact for details.

Query Letter
Once you have a completed film treatment, and ideally a completed screenplay, you can go about trying to sell your screenplay. A query letter is a necessary component to this process and it serves as an informative sales letter to potential buyers such as producers, investors, and filmmakers. It is crucial to get it right since it provides them with the first impression of you and your work. Writing the query letter will require reading and understanding the screenplay.


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