A screenplay consultant helps not only in the analysis of where the aspiring writer stands on the professional spectrum, but also to pat his composition into a proper shape. The scope of work of consultants is so vast that very few, if any, scriptwriters can succeed without their help. Besides, their services may be sought at any point during the entire process, building a premise till it is actually filmed. Their primary focus on script perfection compels several reputable producers to approach them with their specific requirement. If they feel that a certain screenplay could suit what the producer is looking for, they can assist in establishing contact between the two parties. In this way, they play the role of a match-maker.

A screenplay consultant is to writers what an automobile engineer is to an automobile. He is proficient at dealing with the problem of every magnitude and nips it in the bud. His job is far from easy and is weighed down by huge responsibilities. Only a veteran, with many years of experience, can do real justice to the work required of a screenplay consultant.Providing unbiased and trained assessment, suggesting ways to polish the script, and getting the executive to read, and perhaps accept it, is the basic task of the screenplay consultant. Steering the writers in the right direction gets them to hone their craft over time. The style of writing, tone, dialogue, narration, format, presentation, grammar and syntax etc. are all perfected with the guidance of a specialist in the field. A written critique, consisting of several pages of a review can go a long way in helping the screenplay writer in making the necessary amendments. Some of the tasks performed by consultants include:

Writing the logline – This is the bare skeleton of the story that gets the readers hooked and urges them to find out more about the interesting story.
Treatment – Producers lack the time and are therefore presented with a shorter version of the story. A screenplay consultant helps to craft the film treatment that will attract the film executives enough to want to read the entire script.

Pacing – The pace the story runs with makes a world of difference to getting it accepted.

Dialogues – Consultants can chisel the dialogues to make them crisp and clear.

Structure – The thematic plot, characterization, the relationships within the story, the subplot, the

conflict and resolution are given special attention and made interesting to be read by the executives of the film industry.

A screenplay consultant charges a fixed fee for the service he renders. The writer has to shell out the money depending upon the extent of help received. One can choose to either obtain written suggestions from the professional or hand over the script to him to set it right. Whatever one selects, the end results are the same – a perfected screenplay that has great market value. Consultation can be had via telephone conversation or through emails too. The response is always prompt and thorough. The recommendations, criticism, and suggestions received from the consultants are worth the cash paid.