Whether you plan to adapt your novel or book to screen or have a screenplay you want to adapt to a book or novel, we can help. We also have experience adapting feature film scripts to TV shows and TV shows to movie scripts.

Adapting your book to a film script is an excellent way to bring your story to the masses. What author wouldn’t love to see their story on the big screen or on TV? It’s a huge accomplishment!

In addition, we’ve also adapted screenwriter’s scripts into a novel. This is a tried and true marketing strategy. It serves to cross-promote the screenplay. Whenever someone buys, reads, or discusses the book, they will be informed that it’s based on the screenplay. This can serve you well by garnering additional interest, which can lead to financing , selling your screenplay, and having it bought and filmed!

Book to Screen Adaptation Services

Adapt your book, novel, short story, or other work for the screen. We can adapt your story by writing a movie / feature film script, TV script, or short film script.
We can begin by determining the best course of action and thoroughly plotting and planning your screenplay book to screen adaptation.

- Treatment Writing / Planning Your Movie Script - One to two weeks $1195
- Writing your movie script adaptation - Payable in four installments of $1750 each. One to two weeks per installment.


Screenplay to Book Adaptation

Have a screenplay you want to adapt into a novel, book, or short story? We have expert fiction writers who can help. It will provide an excellent opportunity to expand the story and further develop the characters while increasing exposure to your screenplay.

- Planning your novel or book - $1195 and within two weeks.
- Writing your novel - $29.5 per page / 250 words, payable in 10-page installments and within one week.