Hollywood Book to Screen Services – Screenplay Adaptation

Hollywood Book to Screen services is our most popular screenwriting service. Adapt your book for the screen by hiring a profressional screenwriter. We typically begin by thoroughly reading your book and then providing film coverage services/feedback and suggestions. With our suggestions, we will let you know our unbiased and professional opinion about the marketability of adapting your book into a screenplay, which medium it is best suited for (movie, TV, short film, etc.), and a variety of things to consider and ways we can approach your adaptation.

Once you’re satisfied with your feedback and the initial plan, we begin by writing a treatment — logline, character descriptions, and summary. You then read your treatment and let us know if you have any questions, comments or feedback. If you want anything revised, we will make the changes at no additional cost. Once you’re satisfied with the treatment, we can then proceed with your movie script, pilot episode, or short film script, depending on which type of screenplay you decided on.