If you want to sell your screenplay or find film investors to fund your film, we can help. We offer all the key services to achieve your goal. 

The first step to selling your script or getting people to invest in filming it is to make sure you have a top-quality screenplay people will want to buy or back with their money. The vast majority of first-draft screenplays are mediocre at best. Receiving feedback, rewriting, and replanning are some of the services that can dramatically increase the quality and marketability of your film script.

Script Coverage Services

Receive unbiased, professional feedback about your screenplay - what works well, what can be improved, and how and why it should be improved.

It helps to have another set of eyes to read your screenplay. Screenwriters are often too close to their work to see glaring issues or original ideas and suggestions our coverage services can reveal.

Script Doctor / Rewriting

With our rewriting / script doctor services, we can rewrite your script based on your requirements or our script coverage suggestions, which you can approve beforehand. Whether it's pacing, character development, structure, dialogue, or a combination of a number of screenwriting elements, we can help.

Screenplay Editing

Whether it's a typo, misspelling, grammatical error, or another type of editing issue, there is no excuse for such errors in your screenplay. Financiers and investors will not take you seriously and it will greatly detract from your story. Our screenplay editing services will fix any editing issues so people can focus on your story and characters!

Screenplay Formatting

Submitting an improperly formatted screenplay is a great way to have your script instantly rejected. Investors assume that if you can't bother to format your screenplay correctly, your story is probably weak and not even worth reading. Our screenplay formatting services will make sure you provide a professional impression by having a properly formatted screenplay.

Treatment Writing

If you already have a completed screenplay, you should already have a treatment. The treatment plots and plans your screenplay. Oftentimes, screenwriters skip this necessary step. The treatment is also a critical marketing component. Investors prefer to read your treatment before reading the screenplay.

Query Letter

The query letter is, in essence, a cover letter. It is sent to investors and producers to tell them about your script, your intentions, and the opportunity to purchase or finance the filming.

Film Proposal

A film proposal is a stepping stone to the business plan. As the name suggests, the film proposal includes what you are proposing -- your business opportunity.

Film Business Plan

Producing a film is a monumental task, which generally requires an enormous budget. Investors will not take you seriously if you do not have a business plan. The business plan will clarify their concerns and show that you have a clear plan for success.