Crowdfunding a Film

There are a great many sites for crowdfunding a film or movie. We will even share our list of crowdfunding film sites. At the same time, please understand that unless your film script is extremely well-written and you have a professional film treatment all the required business documents, you are not ready for crowdfunding.

We do offer all the services necessary to set your screenplay apart from the heap of other scripts. Once you’re sure you have a great script, you’ll need to get all your numbers in order. For example, how much will your film cost to produce? How long will it take to produce? How much are you projected to earn? If you don’t work in the film financing industry, you simply will not understand all the many factors required to compute these values. We can help!

Next, you will need a solid plan and all the content necessary to begin your campaign. Finally, you need a way to promote your film crowdfunding campaign.

Crowdfunding a film is a great way to receive funding, but it can be a bit overwhelming for most. This is why we offer film crowdfunding services to manage your campaign from the ground up.