Movie Screenwriting Services

Our movie screenwriting services span the scope of the screenwriting process. We can work with you from your current stage of the movie screenwriting process. 

movie screenplay, we will need to fully develop the characters and thoroughly plot and plan it. For longer works (movies, feature films, and TV shows), this requires ordering or having a professional film treatment.  If you’re ordering a skit or short film, we will include the planning in the screenplay costs.

Movie and Feature Film Screenplay Writing

The vast majority of feature film and movie scripts are 90 to 120 pages long. Each page is roughly equivalent to one minute of screen time. As such, they are usually an hour and a half to two hours long. Most such screenplays are also organized in three acts. The first act is approximately 25-percent of the entire screenplay. The second act is about 50-percent of the screenplay and the mid-point of the second act also brings us to the mid-point of the entire story.  As such, we can view the second act as two separate parts. The third act contains the final quarter of the story.

Movie and Feature Film Screenplay Installments and Revisions

Although movie and feature film script are structured in three acts, the second act is twice as long as the first and third act. As a result, there are four main parts. This works well for installments. You can order your screenplay in four installments. We will send the first quarter for your approval. Read it over and let us know any questions or comments you might have. If you need any revisions, we will make the revisions at no additional cost. When you’re satisfied with the first act, you can order the next 25 percent of the screenplay and repeat this process until the entire script is complete.

Feature Film and Movie Script Prices

Excluding the planning phase (treatment writing), a 90 to 120-minute movie or feature film script. You can order in four installments. Rather than being obsessed about the exact page count, we will write whatever length works best with the story and it will fall within this range unless you request otherwise.