Query Letter Writing Services

Our query letter writing services will help you make a great first impression! When selling a screenplay, the query letter is the first writing producers, film studios, and potential investors will read. In essence, it is similar to a cover letter, but unique to the film industry. You send it out by mail or email along with your film treatment. It informs the recipient what you are sending, why you’re sending it, and why he or she should be interested.

A query letter is the first step in getting a studio executive or film producer interested in your screenplay story idea. Rather than sending your entire screenplay for them to read, a movie query letter is a personalized letter which introduces you and your story to the recipient. This is a formal letter that needs to be brief and right to the point.

Film producers and company executives are very busy people and they receive requests from writers all the time. Your letter needs to be good, but it also needs to be short. In fact, it should not be longer than one page. That is why you cannot include any fluff or filler information in the script. It needs to be straightforward, highly detailed, and to the point. If you don’t write a good query letter that captures the reader’s attention immediately, then they are not going to bother asking for your script or treatment.

A professional query letter needs to have a logline, synopsis, and a brief history of your background as a writer. The logline should be one sentence that describes the plot of your movie idea. The synopsis is a written summary of the story in no more than one paragraph. You probably have a longer synopsis and treatment already written but try to write a shorter synopsis for the letter. Lastly, near the end of the letter, you will give background information about your past experiences, successes, education, and why you feel that your story idea is marketable.

You must think about making a good first impression. You may only get one chance to have some studio executive look at your letter. If you fail to impress them, they will likely never look at another query letter from you again. For this reason, it is recommended that you have a professional screenwriter review your query letter before sending it to a studio or production company. If you can find a screenwriter who has already had success with query letters and selling scripts, that is even better. This is the kind of person that can give you solid advice that will be worth following.

Don’t forget about the importance of a marketable story. A well-written query letter is a good thing, but your story idea still needs to be good enough to turn into a movie. Try researching various film production companies and find out the type of stories they like to invest in. That might save you time from writing letters to the wrong people.

Query Letter Writing Prices

We charge just $95 to write a professional query letter. This cost assumes you already have a brief summary of your story. If you do not have a summary, please contact us for a price quote.