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Ioannis S. Skiotes

Writer | Director | Producer

Award-Winning Screenwriter with 58 scripts, 18 sales (4 for a renowned studio), and 1 option. Critiqued over 1000 scripts for Hollywood Script Analysis in LA, CA. Selected to the 1st Annual Sundance Independent Producer’s Conference. ‘When Legends Meet’ secured two distribution deals featuring Latin Grammy Winning El Gran Combo and Secreto of ‘Tumba La Casa’ fame.

Noteworthy projects:

  • ‘Joliet’, True Story Based Crime Drama on two women who brought down The Outfit during the 40s & 50s
  • ‘Blue Rose’, on sex trafficking, drawn interest from A-list stars management
  • ‘If Loving You Is Wrong’, using a remake on the mega-hit title song has captured the eye of industry pros while its stage version had a successful exhibition
  • ‘American Cutie’, a dramedy of a dysfunctional family for the 18-35 demo and called “a sexy, upbeat American Beauty”
  • The Last Sacrifice’, first of an erotic/horror trilogy, sent as a spec script, garnered a Screenwriter position for Impulse & Indigo Productions where he penned four scripts
  • Write-For-Hire on the $4M ‘Beneath The Stairs’ “saved the project” according to the Producer; ‘Boulevard Of Broken Dreams’, inspired by the famous Helnwein painting, won the 2012 Phoenix Comicon Best Fan Film Screenplay
  • One of three writers chosen for the Screenplay Adaptation of Jack Goddard’s Best-Selling Novel, ‘The Survivor’, for a Disney-DreamWorks co-production.
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