All genres of screenwriting, from concept to completion: treatment writing, screenwriting, coverage services (professional feedback), and marketing and query letter writing. We write movie and feature films, TV scripts, short films, comedy skits, and marketing videos such as commercials, website presentations, and offers.
We have professional screenwriters for hire in all writing genres and specialize in sci-fi / fantasy, comedy, drama, action, and romance. We will work the specific team that is best suited for your unique needs.
For longer works, the planning phase (treatment writing) takes 7 to 10 days.

Once planned, we can write and average of up to 25 pages of the screenplay within 7 to 10 days.

  1. Express interest in our services by completing the contact form or calling or texting us.
  2. Receive the signed non-disclosure agreement (NDA), which protects the confidentiality of your work.
  3. Share additional details and/or ask questions.
  4. Finalize your project details.
  5. Discuss payment options and installments.
  6. Send invoice for full amount or installment amount.
  7. Receive payment
    Begin work.
  8. Send work for feedback and/or revision requests.
  9. Revise (if requested).
  10. Send revised project.
  11. Repeat until client is satisfied.
With the exception of book-to-screenplay projects, you the paying customer will be credited as the screenwriter.

For book-to-screenplay projects, the original author will be credited as writing the book. We will be credited as the screenwriter who adapted the book to screenplay.

If you require other arrangements, please let us know.

No. We charge a flat fee. You will retain exclusive rights to the future sale of your screenplay.
Here are is our portfolio / screenwriting samples: https://ScreenwritersForHire.Com/examples/