What type of screenwriting services do you offer?

Whether you have only an idea for a screenplay or already have a completed rough draft, or anything in between, our team of professional screenwriters can help. We write query letters, film treatments, and screenplays.

What genre of screenwriting is your specialty?

We have professional screenwriters in all writing genres and will work with a team best suited for your project. We will assign the most qualified screenwriter for your specific genre and needs.

How can I communicate with my screenwriter

You will have direct access to the lead writer through cellular phone, text message, instant messenger, and email.

How long does the process take?

We write full time and, excluding time to receive your feedback, can comfortably average 25 pages per week. In emergency situations, we have and can write even faster. Working from a completed treatment, we can write a 100 to 115-page screenplay within a month.

How does payment work?

After you’ve spoken with your screenwriter and are clear about the process and costs, we accept PayPal payment installments. If you prefer another payment method just let us know. You simply pay for the first installment; we email it to you; you provide feedback and let us know if you want anything edited; when you are happy with it, we will continue with the next installment.

Do I have to share writing credit? 

No. We work as ghostwriters and while we would certainly appreciate a writing credit, you are under absolutely no obligation to credit your screenwriter. In fact, our non-disclosure agreement (NDA) specifically forbids us from taking writing credit.

How do royalties work?

We do NOT charge a royalty — ever — even if your screenplay is produced or becomes a major motion picture, which has happened with our clients many times.

You seem quite reputable and professional, but how can I be certain you won’t steal my draft?

In addition to the fact that we would never even consider plagiarizing a client’s work, we would not be in business very long if we did. While it is not necessary, you are free to copyright your work.  Either way, with emails there is a timestamped record of all communications.

To get the no-obligation process started, just complete the contact form as best you can, call (323) 570-4473, or email contact@screenwritersforhire.com.