How it Works

We’re eager to help identify and understand your specific screenwriting needs and goals because our goal and mission is to help people like you reach those goals and understand how it works.

Where are you in the screenwriting and marketing process? How far do you want to go?

The answer to these question will help form a plan to reach your screenwriting, story marketing, and screen production goals.

For example, maybe right now you only have an idea for a screenplay. Maybe you have a short plot summary and a list of characters. Perhaps you have a draft movie or TV treatment. You might even have a draft screenplay already.

Or are you are a published author who wants to adopt your novel or book into a screenplay?

Or perhaps you want to learn how your publishing company can hire one contact to adeptly fulfill and manage all their book to screen service orders.

Getting Acquainted

We understand that your story and characters are dear to you so it’s important you’re comfortable with and confident in the team you hire to help.

Whether you need help writing, editing, or rewriting a story premise, film treatment, TV script, or movie screenplay, we can help.

Give us a call or sms text message anytime with your questions about our services . Or complete our contact form and let us know about your needs and any questions you might have.

Once we’ve been properly aquatinted and you’ve had a chance to see we’re legit professionals who may be able to help you, we will of course need to read your story.

Story Feedback & Suggestions

We typically begin each project by providing our specialized film script coverage services. This service affords you with the opportunity of having an experienced film industry professional thoroughly read your story, from whichever stage of the writing process you’re currently at, and providing detailed feedback, suggestions, things to consider, and a plan to reach your screenwriting destination.

Assembling Your Screenwriting Team

With your input, our experience in the industry, knowledge of each of our screenwriters’ specific strengths and specialties, and proven collaborative process, we will construct the perfect screenwriting and/or screenplay marketing team for your needs.

What most people outside the industry don’t realize is that like most of the wildly successful published novelists, the primary role of many credited blockbuster screenplay writers is often that of planning and structuring the story. Other-times, they contribute to the dialogue. But in most cases their core strength is either planning the story or riding a dialogue and fleshing out the characters.

Because we understand each of our screenwriter’s strength and how they work together with others, we have a marked advantage of creating and managing the ideal team for your story.

After you have been introduced and are satisfied with our roles, we will plan your screenplay.

Planning Your Screenplay —
Film Treatment Writing

When you hire a screenwriter, the film treatment is key. It works as a detailed plan for the screenplay. It organizes, outlines, and summarizes the yet-to-be-written screenplay. For a movie, it contains a logline (concise, one to two sentence summary), description of each main character, and a detailed, 3-act summary. For a TV series it includes the same parts except instead of one summary, it has a brief summary of each episode of the first season.

Once you receive your treatment via email, read it over and let us know your feedback. Do you love it? Do you have questions? Revision requests?

We will be happy to answer your questions, clarify, revise, and implement your feedback and decisions accordingly.

When you are satisfied with your treatment and we have a solid plan for writing your screenplay, we can begin by writing the first part or milestone.

Writing your Screenplay

To make it more affordable to hire a screenwriter, and to ensure progress and your approval at each stage, you may order your movie screenplay in as many as 4 installments. Despite its name, for all intents and purposes, a 3-act movie screenplay actually has 4 similar length parts.

The first act comprises approximately 25% of the screenplay; the 2nd act about 50% but it is divided in two roughly equal parts, and the 3rd act is 25%. As such, you can order each 25% of your movie script at a time and there will be a structural break after each part.

For a TV show, we generally write each entire half hour episode or, for an hour show, at least the first half of the episode.

After you receive each installment or part of the screenplay, provide your feedback just like you did for the treatment portion. If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, just let us know. We will be happy to answer any questions and if you want anything edited or revised, just let us know in detail and we will make the changes.

When you are happy with the first installment and have approved it, we will invoice you for the next part (if not already paid), and continue the process to completion.


Once you are happy with the completed screenplay, we can develop a marketing plan should you want to sell your screenplay.