Hollywood Book to Screen Services

With our Hollywood book to screen services, we can adapt your novel or book for the screen. Whether you want us to adapt your book into a TV or movie screenplay, we can help. And you don’t even need to decide which type you prefer just yet. With our coverage services, we’ll let you know which type we suggest for your adaptation and why we think your book is better suited for a specific format.

Book to Screen Coverage Services

With this service, we’ll read your book or novel in detail. We’ll provide our professional opinion of its suitability for adaptation. In addition, we will let you know what we suggest and why.

Turnaround Time – 7 to 14 days depending on the length of your book

Book to Screen Treatment Services

Whether you ultimately determine it’s best to adapt your book into a movie or TV series, our book to screen treatment services will get you to the next step. This service includes our coverage services and that’s where we begin. With that service, we provide a written document that shares our thoughts and suggestions for your adaptation. This makes sure we’re on the same page right from the beginning.

Once we’re in agreement about the general details and whether we should write a TV or movie treatment for your book to screen adaptation, we will begin your treatment.

A movie treatment will summarize the entire movie, whereas a TV treatment will include a summary for each episode of the first season.

Treatment Includes:

  • Coverage – When you order a treatment, we’ll automatically include coverage services at no additional cost. We thoroughly read your book and let you know our thoughts and suggestions. You will learn why we make specific questions and can ask questions.
  • Logline – a concise, attention-grabbing, one- to two-sentence story summary
  • Description of Characters – a list of the characters and a detailed description of the main characters
  • Summary – For movies, a detailed three-act summary; for TV shows, a summary of each episode in the first season


Length – 2000+ words
Turnaround Time – 7 to 14 days, depending on the length of your book

Complete Book to Screenplay Adaptation

Adapt your book into a movie screenplay or multiple TV show scripts.

Length Type Options

  • One movie script of up to 120 pages/minutes, OR
  • Four TV show scripts of up to a half hour/30 pages each, OR
  • Two TV show scripts of up to an hour/60 pages each

Complete Book to Screenplay Package Includes

  • Complete treatment
  • Complete screenplay/s with all the dialogue, scenes
  • Proper formatting, structure, and industry standards
  • Four installments
  • Free revisions after each installment/25% completion
  • Includes query letter

*For projects above 120 pages, there is an additional charge.

Turnaround time – approximately 2 to 3 months; 2 to 3 weeks per each 25%
Complete Book to Screenplay Package Services

This package provides a discount for committing to our complete book to screen services. It includes all the services listed above — coverage services, treatment writing services, screenplay writing services, and query letter/marketing services.

Installments – payable in four installments
Turnaround Time – Approximately 2 to 3 months

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