Screenplay Examples / Portfolio

We have a wide range of screenplay examples for you to read. Our examples are organized based on the type of screenwriting. For instance, we have examples for movie and feature film scripts and TV shows. We will also be posting short film script examples. These samples are further organized based on the type of screenwriting service – treatment or screenplay.

The film treatment serves as a blueprint for the movie, encompassing a three-act summary, a compelling logline, and detailed character profiles. The logline, a concise one or two-sentence synopsis of the plot, is pivotal. If it captivates investors or producers, they’ll delve deeper into the treatment and subsequently express interest in the screenplay.

Explore our portfolio: PDF example film treatments.

Explore our portfolio: PDF Film Treatment Examples

Movie Screenplay Writing

The movie screenplay is the structured, formatted script that contains all the scene locations, direction, and dialogue. For a movie, it’s usually structured in three acts. TV shows vary more widely and have two to six acts.

Read our movie screenplay samples.

TV Treatment Writing

The TV treatment, like a movie treatment, includes a logline and description of characters. However, since a TV show or limited series has several episodes, its treatment contains a summary of each episode of the first season.

Read our PDF TV show treatment samples.

TV Script Writing

For each TV show episode, there is a TV script. The most important of these scripts is the pilot episode.

Read our PDF TV script samples.

Stageplay Treatment Writing

A stageplay treatment is quite a bit different than a movie treatment because of the limitations of the stage itself.

Read our PDF stageplay treatment samples.