Screenplay Examples / Portfolio

We have a wide range of screenplay examples for you to read. Our examples are organized based on the type of screenwriting. For instance, we have examples for movie and feature film scripts and TV shows. We will also be posting short film script examples. These examples are further organized based on the type of screenwriting service – treatment or screenplay.

Movie and Feature Film Screenwriting Examples

The movie treatment plans the movie. It contains a 3-act summary, logline, and a description of each main character. The logline is a one or two-sentence description of the plot. If it appeals to investors or producers, they will read the rest of the treatment. After that, they will request to read the screenplay.

Movie screenwriting is the art of writing scripts for film. Every movie that you see is based on a screenplay. If filmmakers did not have scripts, then it would be impossible for them to make their films. The script describes every scene, action, and dialogue of the film. With it, filmmakers know what to shoot, where to shoot it, and what lines to give the actors.