Looking to hire a screenwriter? Welcome to Screenwriters for Hire, where you can hire a professional screenwriter. Your project manager and lead writer will collaborate with you and another screenwriter to write your professional screenplay. This is how award-winning scripts are created — as a collaboration. A page is equal to approximately 1 minute of screen time and we charge just $40 per page.

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  • Movie, TV, short film screenwriting, and much more.
  • Treatment Writing
  • Screenplay Ghostwriting
  • Coverage / Feedback and Suggestions
  • Screenplay Formatting
  • Screenplay Rewriting / Script Doctor Services
  • Marketing Services
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Although other screenwriters with similar or less experience charge much more — $20,000 to $50,000 for a 120-page screenplay, the efficiency and love of screenwriting afford us the opportunity to charge just $40 per page! We are confident that you will be satisfied with the quality of your final-draft screenplay. Our professional screenplay writers are highly efficient at collaborating with one another and have written several movie scripts, which clients have sold and produced for lucrative profits. The industry standard for screenplays is 2 to 3 percent of the film’s budget.

2006 was the last time the MPAA tracked the average cost of a making a major studio movie. At that time, average cost was $65 million, and it has risen since. The most expensive films currently cost in excess of $200 million to make. Two to three percent of such a budget works out to a very nice payday for the person who owns the rights to the screenplay. For example, 2% of $65 million is $1.3 million and 3% of $65 million is $1.95 million. Even 2 percent, the low end, of a very modest $2 million budget is a respectable $40,000.


If you are in the least bit hesitant, rest assured that our screenwriters are highly communicative and actually answer the phone — (323) 570-HIRE — when clients call. You will never wait more than 24 hours to receive an answer to your email, including weekends. In fact, we usually reply instantly.

Our screenwriters communicate over the phone, through text message, email, voice messages, and instant message. We can also make use of collaborative writing tools in which you can see a private, non-indexed version of the screenplay in progress. You can add to it, make comments, and more. This way, you always know how your screenwriter is progressing. We begin the screenwriting process by gaining a clear understanding of your ideas and organizing them into a structured screenplay, which includes, but is not limited to, the following:

– Strong, original characters with well-developed character arcs
– Structured plot points and twists
– Increasing conflicts and resolutions
– Crisp and original dialogue


A concern that screenwriting clients may is that even though our screenwriting prices are quite low, it is still a substantial amount of money to invest in a screenwriter. We agree. That’s why we now offer PayPal installments as well as PayPal pay later. You don’t need a PayPal account — just a major credit card or bank card. When ordering a full-length screenplay, you can order as few as 10 pages at a time. Once we’ve written the first installment, you can read it and provide feedback. If you require editing, we will edit it for free and resend it to you. After you are completely satisfied with the first section of your screenplay, we will go ahead and write the next. This way, you can rest assured that we will meet your expectations. At the same time, do understand that writing is a process and revisions are a part of that process.


Those who can pay upfront for a screenplay of at least 90 pages will earn 10% off their order and the screenwriter will get started right away.


While we would certainly appreciate some sort of acknowledgement once your script is sold / produced, you are not obligated to do so. Since we are screenplay ghostwriters for hire, you will retain 100 percent of the rights to your completed script. That means you can write your name as the screenwriter. You will keep 100 percent of any potential profit earned from its sale!


Many of the film scripts our screenwriters have written were produced or sold for a profit. This has helped us establish connections in the industry. As such, we can do everything in our power to help you sell your completed screenplay and have it produced.


Whether you have only an idea or already have a rough-draft screenplay, we have a screenwriter for hire who can help and is a professional in your specific type and genre of screenwriting. We can help you to plot and plan your story, provide feedback and suggestions for your current draft, edit or rewrite your existing script, or ghostwrite an entire screenplay from idea to completed screenplay. We can even help with marketing once we’ve finished the story.

Most questions are answered on our FAQ/How it Works page.

To learn more, please complete the contact form.

If you prefer, the screenwriter will sign and send the non-disclosure agreement (NDA) first. Either way, your work will be kept confidential and you will retain exclusive rights to any writing you hire us to do unless mutually agreed upon otherwise.