Screenwriting Services

Here are the main types of screenwriting services at each stage of the screenwriting process:

Development Services:

  • Concept Development: Assisting in refining and expanding the initial story idea, ensuring it is compelling, marketable, and aligned with the writer’s vision.
    Outlining/Story Development: Collaborating to create a solid story outline or treatment that outlines the major beats, structure, and character arcs.Film
  • Film Treatment Writing: a narrative summary of the screenplay
    • Logline – one to two-sentence, attention-grabbing summary
    • Detailed three-act movie or stageplay summary or summary of each episode in the TV show or miniseries
    • Description of each of the main characters and their arcs.

Screenwriting Services:

  • First Draft Writing: Crafting the initial draft of the screenplay, translating the story outline into a full-fledged script while focusing on capturing the essence of the story.
  • Rewriting/Revision: Collaborating to revise and polish the screenplay, improving structure, character development, dialogue, pacing, and overall storytelling based on feedback.

Script Analysis and Feedback:

  • Script Coverage – Providing detailed written feedback and suggestions that highlight your story’s strengths, weaknesses, and potential ways to improve your idea, treatment, screenplay, or book-to-screen adaptation. Includes up to a 30-minute follow-up call consultation.
  • Script Consultation: Offering personalized feedback and guidance through one-on-one sessions with industry professionals to enhance the script’s quality and marketability.

Formatting and Proofreading:

  • Script Formatting: Ensuring the screenplay adheres to industry-standard formatting guidelines, which is crucial for professional presentation and readability.
  • Proofreading: Conduct a thorough review of the screenplay for grammar, spelling, punctuation, and typographical errors to maintain a polished and professional script.

Pitching and Marketing:

  • Pitch Development: Assisting in crafting a compelling pitch package that includes a logline, synopsis, and marketing materials to communicate the screenplay’s concept and appeal effectively.
  • Pitch Coaching: Providing guidance and coaching on presentation skills, pitching techniques, and strategies to increase the chances of selling or securing interest in the screenplay.
  • Query Letter: a written communication in the film industry that serves as a form of a cover letter, introducing yourself as a writer and presenting your story to industry professionals such as agents, producers, or executives. Its purpose is to grab their attention, generate interest in your screenplay, and potentially lead to further discussion or consideration.

Each service is important at different stages of the screenwriting process. Development services help shape and refine the initial idea, ensuring a solid foundation for the script. Screenwriting services bring the story to life and refine it through rewriting and revision. Script analysis and feedback services provide objective insights to help strengthen the screenplay. Formatting and proofreading ensure a professional and industry-standard presentation. Lastly, pitching and marketing services assist in effectively communicating the script’s potential to industry professionals. These services collectively contribute to the overall quality, marketability, and success of the screenplay.

Regardless of your screenplay’s genre, length, type, or distribution channel, we can provide each screenwriting service alone or as part of a screenwriting package. See one of our screenwriting services pages below to learn more about the four main services above, including pricing, turnaround times, and discount package options: