Attending one of the best screenwriting schools is always a great advantage when aspiring to be a good screen writer who needs to know the subject in its entirety. There are many good film schools around the world where you can pitch your tent but some of the best can be found in the United States, Canada, and England. Considering their pedigree, there is no doubt that anybody who attends such prestigious institutions would learn a lot and turn out to be a thorough breed writer. In the United States, you have the UCLA School of Theatre, Film, and Television; New York Film Academy and in Canada the Vancouver Film School. The Film school in Vancouver is outstanding in the field of film production although they are still regarded as one of the best screenwriting school in the world. It is on record that half of the students who enroll in this institute are from outside the country. The Vancouver film school is known to be patronized by highly rated filming and entertainment industries in the world.


In addition to the film school in Canada, the London film school is also rated as one of the best screenwriting schools in the world because over 70 percent of their trainees are international students. The standard of the training done here is excellent and a greater attention is paid to practical than theory which enhances their learning experience. Unlike other film institutes who dwell on theoretical application to the detriment of the practical skill set required by the student to excel. In recognition of its sterling qualities as one of the best screenwriting schools in the world Skill set which is a certifying body recognizes it as one of the centers of excellence.


The ULCA School of Theatre, Film and Television which is based in Los Angeles is another example of one of the best screenwriting schools not just in America but the world. The school also has its fair share of international students who have come to acquire world class knowledge about the profession. In addition to screen writing, the school is also involved in teaching acting, film production and numerous other skill set required in the industry. As expected, being one of the best screenwriting schools in America the curriculum is based on theory and practice but more emphasis is placed on the latter.


The film industry is ranked as one of the top income earning entertainment industry in the world next to sports and as such much investment has to be ploughed into ensuring that the quality of films being produced are good enough for the market. In order to deliver on quality the best screenwriting schools have to be established where other aspects of the industry would also be taught to aspiring young talents. These centers of excellence in the United States, Canada, and England mentioned above are without doubt the best place to learn in order to be ranked amongst the best. All aspects of screenwriting, film making and cinematography are taught in these institutions. Getting enrolled in any of these institutions could make you the star that you have always wanted to be considering all that you would have to learn.