If your question is “what is a sizzle reel” then read on. A sizzle reel is also known as a demo reel. It is a short (usually under 5 minutes) video about your company’s brand. It can be used to explain you or your product to another business. It can be used as part of a public relations press kit or to obtain funding. It can also be used to attract customers when used with YouTube or a social networking site. Such reels are ideal to convey strong messages in a short amount of time.

Make sure to plan ahead and know what message you want to get across. You will ultimately need to know what you want to be seen — frame-by-frame. This will help when working with the videographer but you can first work with a screenwriter to organize all these details beforehand. The videographer should understand the following points to understand your question, what is a sizzle reel:

Know the Audience: Make your reel with the audience in mind, keep that as your focus.

Get to the Point: Edit your message until it is concise and clear to the audience. Keep it simple and direct: limit narrative, choose sound bites.

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle: Once made, it can be modified for other purposes and be reused over and over again (don’t make a new one from scratch each time you have some message to send).

Know What Assets You Need: Plan for what format you are going to display your product in/with before you begin to edit. This could affect post-production and time/money.

Call to Action: A sizzle reel is made to get the audience to do something. What do you want your audience to do? Provide the information to get them started.

Hiring professionals who can answer the question “what is a sizzle reel” who can write well and who work with graphic artists and videographer is ideal since they can be a tremendous asset to you and your brand. They can write interesting content for your sizzle reel as well as accompanying music to say the most about you or your brand and in a memorable way.

In short, to answer the question, “what is a sizzle reel,” it is also known as a demo reel, showreels, public relations videos, and more. It is usually 3 to 5 minutes of fast-paced videos and music to convey an idea or information as quickly and efficiently as possible. They are used within businesses, between businesses, and among actors and musicians to tell about a product or service and to show one’s skills and work.