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A distinct art, writing comedy requires certain rules to be followed to evoke the desired result – side-splitting laughter. There is one another component and that is rather intangible but essential to turn you into a successful writer of comedies; a certain degree of quirkiness in one’s personality. This makes one quick witted, observant and perhaps even sarcastic. Compiling humorous screenplays is another field that many aspiring comedy writers are lured to try their hands at. It is an innate talent for some but it is not impossible to master the art through years of experience and dedicated hard work. Success cannot elude sincere efforts. A joke set up in a definite structure and reinforced by a punch line is what makes a humorous novel so appealing. Writing comedy follows the age-old “Rule of Three” to garner maximum satisfaction, effectiveness and amusement from the readers. Poetry or prose, comedy has been held close to the heart of man since a very long time. The genre of comedy can be tackled through working on:

• Screenplays for movies, TV sitcoms,and theatrical plays
• Film treatments
• One-liners
• Novels and Books
• Song Lyrics and Instrumentals

Writing comedy that creates history comes with a lot of practice. All that is required is a lot of paper and a pen. Think of all the amusing incidents that you experienced or heard of and compose your plot line along them. Real-life anecdotes make for far more convincing jokes than something concocted as a figment of imagination. Similarly, if you as a writer, experiments with a specific witty or silly person in mind, the resultant screenplay or literature is more laughable. Utilize that person’s style and give it a unique, personal twist. Follow your own intuition while treading your way through the comic books, scripts or plays. This way you are less likely to have loose threads to tie up when you near the end.

Think of ideas that are similar or wildly apart and begin by first collecting all the material. Writing comedy will flow on smoothly if you are armed with well-researched matter and have the entire plan worked out clearly prior to making a start. Sprinkle the entire composition with plenty of surprise elements at points when the readers least expect them. Keep the reader engrossed right through the beginning to the end. While writing comedy, do not be tempted to fit in all the jokes that you know of. Leave out the ones that stick out like a sore thumb. The funny part of your work should ideally stem from the characters and the timings.

Be creative but follow the cardinal of being realistic. Write, re-write and polish your work to perfection. Get someone to read your work and give you an honest feedback. Make necessary amendments and read what you have composed. If it makes you laugh, it will do the same to your target audience. Once on the right path, there is no telling which peaks you will be scaling while you persevere in your goal of writing comedy.

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