Hiring a freelance screenwriter can be a daunting task and hiring the wrong screenwriter can lead to many problems. The process of hiring a freelance screenwriter is similar to hiring other writers, but there are some distinctions unique to screenwriting. This article seeks to demystify the process to make it easier for you to hire freelance screenwriters.

Payment Installments
Hiring a freelance screenwriter who accepts payment installments is important because working in installments ensures you can quit at any time if the screenwriter is not meeting your expectations. Installments also ensure that the screenwriter will send you regular updates and progress. You can then provide feedback and the writer can revise and rewrite accordingly. You don’t have to continue until you’re satisfied with the installment.

Screenplay Structure
If you’re hiring a freelance screenwriter to write a movie screenplay, make sure the writer is an expert in three-act story structure because the industry uses it in virtually every successful screenplay and feature-length film. It ensures the plot moves forward. I understand it screenplay structure very well and use it daily. I’ve even written a FREE ebook about the subject, which is available instantly on my website.