Hollywood, the center of movie production, is in Los Angeles. Hollywood County is the nation’s largest. It offers vast opportunities for culture, recreation, and learning. Find out why the city remains one of the top holiday destinations.

Hollywood Weather
Hollywood has a Mediterranean type of climate which offers mild weather and sunshine all year round. This is one of the main reasons why a lot of people spend their holidays in LA. Precipitation in LA differs with seasons. The coldest month in Hollywood is January; however, snowfall is very rare in the city basin. Only the mountains within city limits normally experience snowfall every winter.

May, June, July, and August are generally dry but Hollywood weather is fine and sunny. August and September are summers months. Hollywood weather during this period is very warm, with many fine, sunny days. Average temperature can reach up to 32°C/90°F. Smog can cause problems during these months. One weather phenomenon which naturally occurs during late spring and early summer is “June Gloom” or “May Grey,” which sometimes makes the skies at the coast foggy in the morning, but usually sunny by noon.

Hollywood Events
LA offers a world of possibilities. Among the most popular LA events are concerts at the Music Center’s Walt Disney Concert Hall featuring world-famous musicians. There are also safaris at Descanso Gardens and Art of the Ancient Americas at LACMA. You may enjoy a kayak ride at Marina del Rey or a talk with prominent authors at County libraries. They also have museums and acres of parks, gardens, lakes, beaches, and other natural areas. With all these landmarks, there’s never a shortage of Hollywood events.

Hollywood events are available not only for art and nature lovers, but also for those who enjoy the night life. LA is one of the places, which offer the most diverse choices of bars and clubs all over Hollywood, in Westwood, the Valley, Santa Monica, and all the beach cities. The nightlife scene is always changing and you’ll never know where the hottest Hollywood events are coming out next.

Hollywood Guide
Enjoy the sunny Hollywood weather and plenty of exciting Hollywood events. LA is a big city and it can be difficult to plan your way through. A Hollywood guide will be very helpful to make your experience more comfortable. You can find out more about the current weather, events, best restaurants, real estate, price quotes, and other important information you may need.