There are three chief areas of film making. They consist of pre-production, production, and post-production. These tasks can be somewhat difficult for directors but nevertheless, they come through to make an enjoyable film for an audience. All of these aspects are crucial in making a film because they pave the way for the film.

In the early stage of development the producers finds a story that he or she catches interest in. It could be a play or a novel but something that’s interesting enough to keep the audience entertained. The screenwriter spends his time writing the script. This may take several months to a couple of years. They do their best to make the story compelling. They are often editing the script in many ways and taking out stuff they think is boring or dull. The producer and screen writer then make a film pitch and present it to financiers.

They budget the film to see how much it will cost to make. They sometimes will rent equipment to test what would be best for their film. Most of their time is spent finding the perfect actor for the part.

Screen writing consists of writing the script. It is very important because this tells what the characters are going to do. They also write other information on how they want the camera setup. This task may take several years because they need the script to be perfect. Other writers may be brought in to help write or re-write the script. A script must conform to standards that all involved parties understand.

Storyboarding is another important part of making a film. Filmmakers’ must have a storyboard for each page, screen, or frame. Each storyboard is usually numbered and set up in sequential order. All text is included with its corresponding storyboard number. They are can be drawn by professional artist but it is ultimately up to the director if he wants to use the storyboard. Color, graphics, and other relevant details are indicated in storyboarding.

Funding is a very important part of the film because without this producer would not have money to make the film! Many great directors are good with funding. As I mentioned earlier producers and screenwriters make a film pitch to potential investors. Such investors can be paramount pictures or even DreamWorks pictures, who specialize in animated films.

Assembling a film crew is another important task of pre-production. The assistant director manages the times of shooting and logistics of production. The location manager finds and manages the film locations but most films are shot in a studio. The casting director holds auditions for actors that they may want to choose. The costume designer creates clothing for the characters and works closely to the actors. The composer finds music for the film. This is my favorite part because music can change the mood of an audience in a split second. There are many important positions but these are just a few.

Some aspects of production include direction, camera operation, lighting, sound recording, and acting. They have one important goal; to capture the sound and image necessary to tell the story. Lighting to me is a very important part of film because it captures the true emotion of the setting or actor. Sound recording picks up all the dialogue and sound necessary for the film. A typical day of shooting occurs when all the necessary crew arrives on set. While a scene is being filmed other crew members a getting ready for the next scene to speed things up. The take is done when the director shouts cut!

Production can take up to several years because of all the necessary things combined. Actors use their raw talent to act in front of a camera. Some scenes can be difficult because the actor has to keep a straight face. For instance, if there is a comic relief the actor must refrain from laughing. The director also uses things he or she may want to experience with. He might tell the actors to improv or act without a script. They may change the angles of the camera for a better effect so directors are always trying to improve during production.

Editing can take years to do because filmmakers want it to be perfect. Some filmmakers have been known to edit the picture themselves rather than sending it to a company. All of these aspects are important in making a film because they make the film less of a hassle. Things seem to go better when they are organized so this is why I believe filmmakers use these three aspects. To just shoot a movie without these aspects would be very difficult because people would not know where to start.