Ironically, the art of how to write a comedy script is a serious issue for comedy script writers. What may seem funny to one person may appear outright ridiculous or even foolish to another. The difference between hilarity and absurdity is often too narrow for many writers to notice. Those who know how to write a comedy script understand that it usually has a happy ending and requires an in-depth knowledge of screenwriting format, characterization, dialogue, action, and structure.

How to write a comedy script will be less challenging if a few important tips can be kept in mind:

• Create a rough sketch of the story that you intend to write. Remember that comedy scripts are stories, complete with a funny plot and characters. Think of all the characters, their roles and how they will help to move the story forward. A general idea of each character’s idiosyncrasies and personality must be laid out clearly.

• Jot down the practical jokes or situations that you would like to include in the comedy screenplay.

• Software can help to assist you in formatting the script. In this way, you will not have to worry about how to follow the standards stipulated by the entertainment industry. This will leave more time and energy to express your creativity.

• Write down all the ideas that come to you; they may not strike twice!

• Read through the outline and try to spot any potential inconsistencies.

• If possible, ask someone else to read it aloud to you and see if it makes you laugh. Conversely, you can use text to speech software.

• The jig-saw puzzle of how to write a comedy script will not pose a problem if you are ready to take criticism in the right perspective and make the necessary amendments.

• Get your work registered with WGA.

Besides being able to write scripts according to industry standards, successful authors usually possess a degree of quirkiness. They should be able to see the lighter side of situations and people, be quick witted, and have a large vocabulary. A professional comedy screenplay writer will benefit by being able to twist words and wring out side-splitting scenes. In addition, although there are numerous colleges, universities, and other educational institutions across the nation that conduct courses on how to write a comedy script, all the certificates and degrees in the world will fall short if the writer lacks a sense of humor.