The screenplay arc has the most impact for me personally when its long. When some character goes either through a very difficult experience or they change in a great way. Those screenplay arcs are the strongest if someone tells a story about it, and we start at the beginning of the life, and go to the end of the life it can be very influential. Sometimes it can be very influential to see them go through one hour of the life depending on what it is.

The length of the screenplay arc or the conflict, and obstacle that they face those are the most influential screenplay arcs. Now in terms of through line, and term through Theme was established with an audience after they need a theme play. But audiences often do not agree with the writer about what the theme is. I’m not a big fan on establishing a theme. I’m more focused on story telling emotional story telling. Through line in terms of I think that is an important screenplay arc of character. Chasing the character through out the story and keeping it unbroken.