Information on Screenwriters Salary when you want to hire


Do you sometimes seek to know how much a screenwriter’s salary is? Do you think they earn so much or so little? Well, screenwriters can earn as much a millions of dollars or very low like a few hundreds of dollars. As a matter of fact, the first movie script ever to be written only got about 15 dollars as payment in the 1900s which is about 350 dollars when compared to current standards. It all depends on how good a script is as well as the production firm that gets to buy it from the scriptwriter. In spite of all odds, just one movie script that is perfectly written is all you need to make that big break you desire in the industry.


Contrary to what many people believe, a screenwriter’s salary is not how you see it. Screenwriters are normally paid for every script that is picked, though scripts do not get picked so often. This makes a screenwriter’s salary for a whole year unpredictable, as it could vary. For writers who are already famous in the industry, millions of dollars is sure every year. But for the upcoming writers, they could consider selling their scripts for a few dollars for the mean time since they are still trying to make a name for themselves in the industry. A big name will usually come with a big pay. So giving out scripts for less today is simply sacrificing for the future.


Though a screenwriter’s salary cannot be predicted neither is it stable, you could have all you need and even more for a whole year if you are lucky to earn thousands of dollars from just one script. It takes just one perfect script. You will earn even more money if you are lucky to have your script produced into a movie because you will be entitled to extra bonuses or you could negotiate with the producers on how much you are to be paid. However, whether the script is produced into a movie or not, a writer is guaranteed to receive some amount of money as long as the script gets picked.


As a way of regulating and creating an industry standard as regards screenwriters’ salary, there are some bodies of writers who campaign for a fixed rate to be paid to all screenwriters irrespective of status. This is to prevent situations where some writers are not treated fairly while others get all the attention because of the name they have made over time. These regulatory bodies also work hard to ensure that there is healthy competition among its members.


Though a screenwriter’s salary may be far from being mouth-watering, there is a determination to continue writing because of the love he derives from writing itself and this love inspires the writer to continue to create lovely and touching stories. There is a fulfillment that comes with knowing that your script is appreciated by others. Screenwriting is not all about the financial gains that come with it; it is most importantly about developing a talent.