If you want to start taking some screenwriting courses, it would be a good idea to have a bit of experience on the subject before the time. When you being your screenwriting courses, you will instantly find that there is a lot of information that you will need to take in, information that you never know you needed before the time. Of course, we do not mean that you should start writing whole scripts before taking screenwriting courses. However, we do suggest that you read and research on some of the basic requirements of a good screenplay before hand. Some of the basics include the theme of the play, the characters and the plot.


What does “Theme” mean for a good movie?

A theme is what the film is all about. However, in your screenwriting courses do not make the common error of misusing the word ‘theme’ for genre. The theme of your movie should generally be able to find expression in one simple sentence. As an example, the theme for Star Wars can be summed up thus: Evil prevails when good sleeps. If you can get your theme right from the beginning, you will be better able to stay on focus when making the plot of your movie. It helps you understand what you are doing and where you intend to end.


How to create entertaining and captivating characters

There are various techniques you can learn firsthand on creating interesting characters for your script. One good way to create interesting characters is to base the character on someone you know personally, and then categorize them under a stereotype. A lot of very good writers have had this work for them. An example is David Brent, in his book, The Office. The author of the book The Office confessed that the David Brent character was based on his boss. Even if you haven’t written the script yet, you can still store the character traits for the character in a file for future use when you eventually develop the personality of your book.


How about the plot? Any tips?

Sure there are, and you will find more in your screenwriting courses.  This is very easy, as having your character and theme usually take care of the plot. However, if despite the character and them theme you still have a battle with selecting the right plot, there are techniques you can employ to achieve this. Just try thinking of a geographical location. Put in your character; allow him to interact with the environment. Watch what happens. This should be enough to spark your idea for a plot.


What you have just read are powerful tips to help you fire your thoughts towards really constructive idea generation. However, this is not to help you write a screenplay. This is merely preparing your for your upcoming screenwriting courses. This way, you would not go for your courses with an empty head. It would be better to go for the courses with a head full of ideas instead of a blank one.