Putting your ideas on good Screenwriting format


Screenwriting format is a genre in literary writing which has evolved over time to become one in a class of its own. The nature of screen writing is such that it is quite technical and needs proper coordination to achieve its end result. If the structure of the work is not properly aligned to the story it would lose its composition as a work meant for the screen. In essence, the idea of a good script should be such that it involves a good plot interlaced with interesting dialogue to make the work appealing for production. When doing any script for the screen you have to follow the basics because screenwriting is a very technical form of writing in which the right format has to be followed. For starters, when working on your script it is essential in screenwriting format to use Courier 12-point font in all your write ups. This is the known standard for screenwriting and as such you have to get familiar with its use for as long as you wish to remain a screenwriter.

When working on your script ensure that the margin are up to standard because screenwriting format requires a stipulated margin in order for your work to be effective. The standard expected for the sides margins are .5 inches for the right and 1.5 inches for the left. While the top and bottom margin of your writing should take an inch from the page. The reason for the excess margin on the left hand of the page is usually meant to accommodate brads. When you consider the body of the work itself, the dialogue is expected to be written about 2-5 inches from the left margin. While the width is expected to be between 3 inches or 3.5 it should not exceed 6 inches from the left side of the page. The stipulation for the character’s name should be above the dialogue also and should not be in excess of 3.7 inches. The spacing for the write up should be double and page numbers written at the upper right hand corner of the page. These are some of the technicalities to be encountered when dealing with screenwriting format.

Getting your screenwriting format right is a key element in your attempt at making a mark in the industry. Your ability at ensuring that you follow standard requirement could determine your success or failure rate as a screenwriter. Production companies and directors always look out for such abilities or competencies in judging the quality of your work. Irrespective of how talented you are, it is your ability to follow screenwriting format that would count the most in your career as a screenwriter. So you have to work hard by practicing and learning the most basic to the most standard techniques when honing your skills as a screen writer. Through practicing and having others critique your work you would more ardent as a screenwriter such that you would be comfortable with its technicalities.