Screenwriting programs can drastically improve your writing. The duty of a scriptwriter who writes scripts for movies, video games, audio-visual presentations, documentaries, and so on has been made easier by the current in-flux of software packages created for screenwriting programs. The new packages have been named a blessing by writers of screenplay as it aids the scriptwriter with formatting, revision tracking and final presentations. Screenwriters are expected to abide by some previously arranged conventions while they go about their work. The lineage of screenwriting programs started out with Smart key; a macro program that sent a string of commands to available word processing programs; for example, Microsoft word. Smart key was popular with script writers between 1983 and 1988. These days, there is quite a varying display of software packages that a writer can choose to pick from; it all depends on what the screenwriter’s requirements. Basically, these software packages categorized as outlined below:


1. Freeware / Shareware

2. Commercial Software

3. Web/Online Based


Quite a number of different software packages produce their own countless amounts of function in varying and irregular permutation-combination for screenwriting programs. An important advantage offered by some of these software packages is that they simplify collaborative work by getting rid of multiple and duplicate project files. This way, the team members get to focus on a single file and they also share their information, thus, eliminating any possibility of any confusion. So also, creative writing as we know it, now requires only a little human intervention to be created; the main job has heavily been transferred into the computer domain. Hence, creative writing is no longer confined to a person’s abilities alone. The digital approach to function in pre-productions system takes care of any excess of underlined tasks involved in it.

Screenwriting programs software packages have taken care of the different stages in story line writing such as; writing the story script itself, describing the scene, the arrangements, the character development, tag set ups, the scheduling, the budgeting, and the cast as well as the staff. Its workflow becomes a lot more efficient as this has made it a much more preferred option of working by the studio officials; the professionals, the film makers as well as the students trying to learn the art of writing a well detailed script.


These  well-organized screenwriting programs aren’t just glorified word processing programs acquired for the sole purpose of formatting what is being typewritten. They are really needed by around you as you work with them almost all the time. Some of these newly acquired software packages have what is known as ready-made script templates installed in them which can be adapted into scripts by their writers. These are undoubtedly not as expensive as others programs in the market. With all this, the flow of the writer’s thoughts never has to be interrupted. Rather, it should be enhanced by making it possible for the writers to work even on the move.

Two of the most widely used software packages presently used for screenwriting programs in Hollywood are Movie Magic Screenwriter and Final Draft. A couple of the most popular software packages are Movie Outline, Adobe Story, BPC Screenplay, Plotbot, Plot Builder Celtx and some other resourceful packages. The future success of screenplay writing is very much in the hands of these specialized software programs. The trend has been set.